Dalton Single Vineyard Elkosh Shiraz 2016

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This superbly balanced wine is made exclusively from Shiraz grapes grown in the Elkosh vineyard found in the rolling foothills of Mount Meron in Israel's Galilee. The rich soil and altitude give wines produced there rich and unique qualities. The appearance of the wine is a deep, dark, rich purple that doesn't fade, and is ready to drink. The smell is balanced between being too fruity or earthy in quality, with muted red and black fruit aromas, with a discernible black cherry smell. More subtle aromas of molasses, pepper, and floral notes can also be detected. The flavor is just as balanced with good acids and tannins that match the fruit flavors. The wine is overall full bodied with good backbone and would satisfy any palate.

Kosher Supervision: OU
Additional Supervision: Rav Machpud, Rabbi Mordechi Unger