Dalton Galilo 2017

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Sourced from the finest estate-grown fruit from select vineyards in the heart of the Galilee, the Galilo is Dalton’s Flagship wine. This elegant wine is a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon from the Elkosh vineyard, 40% Shiraz also from Elkosh, and 10% Grenache Noir from the Even Menachem vineyard. These different varietals were each fermented separately in individual barrels, and then blended together before resting for 20 months in fine oak barrels. The result is a truly phenomenal wine - on the nose, bursting aromas of black fruit, cherry jam and cocoa, and an impressive, yet soft and sophisticated palate showing warm vanilla and delicate oak notes, followed by a long and silky finish.

Kosher Supervision: OU
Additional Supervision: Badatz Machput, Rabbi Unger