Dalton Estate Zinfandel 2018

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The Dalton Estate Zinfandel originates from vineyards in the foothills of Mount Meron in Israel's Galilee. Protected from the mid-day sun by the mountain's shadow, the grapes take on a unique character from the terroir and being aged one year in American oak barrels. The color of the wine is garnet with a cloudy appearance the brightens at the rim, and is light for zinfandel. Its light appearance is contrasted with strong spicy aromas of cardamum, clove, and cinnamon. More subtle fruit aromas of blackberries, black currants, and red fruits are present in the background. The wine itself is full bodied and very dry. The taste conveys the same flavors as the nose, with spices and black fruit. The wine takes on big oak flavors from its aging. The finish is more balanced with low acid and tannins.

Kosher Supervision: OU
Additional Supervision: Rav Machpud, Rabbi Mordechi Unger